Hire an Experienced Roofing Contractor in Dallas, Texas

To fix the holes that cause a leaky roof, you cannot afford to cut cost corners and hire an inexperienced roofing company. When a tree falls onto your roof, you need a team of licensed and bonded roofing experts to restore your roof to mint condition.

You need the experienced team of roofing professionals at Brinker Construction.

Since 1981, Brinker Construction has provided roof repair and maintenance roofing services for Dallas, Texas homeowners. Read what one satisfied customer had to say about the quality of our work:

“Working with Paul Moore at Brinker Construction was a pleasure. He helped get my parents’ roof replaced. He was prompt, professional, and I felt like I was a top priority. We are satisfied clients and would highly recommend Brinker Construction for any roofing need.”

We appreciate the positive feedback, but we are most gratified by delivering high quality projects before deadlines to attract lifelong clients of our roofing company.

Emergency Roof Repair for Dallas, Texas Homeowners

Dallas, TX residents know there are three certainties in life: Death, taxes, and powerful Central Texas thunderstorms. Starting around the first of March and lasting into the middle of summer, Dallas, Texas comes alive with strong storms that unleash hurricane force winds and drop up to grapefruit size hail. The early warning system in the area is top notch, but that does not help your vulnerable roof.

Large amounts of rain over a short period can cause leaks that require immediate roof repair. Wind gusts over 50 miles per hour have the potential to strip asphalt shingles and cedar shakes from roof surfaces. Hail that resembles softballs produces numerous dents that compromise the performance of a roof. All these roof repair issues demand prompt attention, which Brinker Construction promises by offering 24 hours per day emergency service. After a classic Central Texas thunderstorm departs the area, contact our emergency line to receive the quick attention to detail every Dallas, Texas homeowner deserves.

Local Roofers for Commercial Projects

We train our team of roofing contractors not only to deliver incredible performance for Dallas, TX homes, but we also help business owners maintain solidly designed roofs over their heads. We offer meticulously researched roof condition reports to help small businesses plan for commercial roofing projects. Our different roof designs ensure our commercial clients receive unique roof installation proposals that enhance the value of their businesses. Since time is money, Brinker Construction completes commercial roofing project before deadlines to deliver projects that keep you within your company budget. We even help business owners file insurance claims by using our extensive knowledge of roofing issues to convince insurers to cover every claim.

Call for a Free Roof Inspection

Your roof is more than just protection hanging over your head. It represents one of the most important factors in determining curb appeal. How your home appears to neighbors and people who drive by your house goes a long way in calculating the value of your home. We design new roofs that blend seamlessly with your home’s exterior, as well as closely follow any standards set by the city government and area homeowner’s association.

Brinker Construction offers a free roof inspection, whether you want to assess damage caused by an ice storm or perform an annual examination that determines the health of your roof. Our team of residential roofing specialists records every defect we see and then we meet with you to discuss roof repair options.

Contact Brinker Construction today to schedule an initial meeting that discusses roofing repair and maintenance options for Dallas, Texas homeowners.