Installing Custom Pergolas And Gazebos In Dallas, TX

We live in a temperate climate here in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. This means Brinker Construction stays busy 12 months a year creating stunningly beautiful custom pergolas and outdoor gazebos. Our designs include building custom gazebos and pergolas that offer plenty of shade, as well as create an authentically looking Mediterranean outdoor area for you to entertain guests.

Why should you work with Brinker Construction to install pergolas and outdoor gazebos in the backyard?

Let us count the ways.

Benefits of Custom Pergolas for Dallas Homeowners

Let’s begin by stating the obvious: Pergolas are an attractive addition to any outdoor area. The easy to define architectural design complements other elements you decide to add around your stylish outdoor centerpiece. With numerous styles of pergolas available for installation, you can select a simple contemporary design or request an ornate structure that is the talk of the next party.

Plants Native to Dallas Region Love Pergolas

Pergolas not only enhance the appearance of your backyard, the aesthetically appealing outdoor addition also supports the beauty presented by vines and climbing flowers native to the Dallas area. Strategically locate vines and moving plants next to your new pergolas to enjoy a colorful display of interwoven plants. Plants such as clematis, wisteria, and grape vines complement charming pergolas.

Benefits of Custom Outdoor Gazebos for Dallas Homeowners

What is the greatest benefit of an outdoor gazebo? It motivates you to spend more time outdoors soaking in the relatively mild Dallas, Texas climate. The sheltered space offers an inviting ambiance that makes gazebos ideal for homeowners who often entertain guests outdoors. With a sturdy structure, you and your guests can find refuge during inclement weather. Gazebo roofs also protect you from prolonged exposure to the sizzling Dallas summer sun. You can place your new gazebo in a secluded area and enjoy privacy for work and to enjoy time with a loved one. Select a wide variety of shapes that include square, round, oval, or octagon.

Design Ideas that Enhance Dallas Home Values

When it comes to design ideas for pergolas and gazebos, Dallas homeowners have multiple options to increase the value of their homes. Lodge style design presents a rustic appearance that will make your guests feel like they are relaxing in a west Texas prairie next to a nighttime campfire. You can opt for the lodge style and still reap the aesthetic benefits of securing the structure with sleek fiberglass.

The contemporary pavilion design creates an open space ambiance similar to what you find at outdoor concert venues, except the pergola or gazebo is much smaller. Faux timbers give your backyard a rugged outdoorsy look, with fiberglass representing the primary material that ensures long lasting durability. The classic design is frequently referred to as belvederes, which is an ornamental structure open on all sides, with a fully covered roof to offer shade and a place to kick back and relax.

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