Custom Outdoor Pavilions Will Transform Your Dallas Backyard

Dallas, TX homeowners who enjoy entertaining guests outdoors should consider adding a custom outdoor pavilion in the backyard. The free-standing structures typically come in square or rectangle shapes to accommodate similar backyard shapes. With an open air design, pavilions offer you the ideal structure to take advantage of the mild climate of Dallas, Texas. Think of the open air structures you see in city parks and you have the scaled down size version of a pavilion for your home.

Brinker Construction has designed and installed pavilions for Dallas metroplex homeowners for nearly 30 years. Our team of accomplished home services professionals will guide you through the buying process to ensure you find the best custom outdoor pavilion available for Dallas, TX resident

Choosing the Best Outdoor Pavilion for Your Dallas, Texas Home

The home improvement experts at Brinker Construction recommend that you answer a couple of questions for choosing the best outdoor pavilion for your Dallas, Texas home. First, how do you plan to use the new pavilion? Do you envision using the outdoor living space for entertaining guests or getting away from it all by reading your favorite authors in quiet comfort? If entertaining guests is your primary goal, will you welcome a few of your closest friends for an outdoor breakfast or invite dozens of guests to celebrate a birthday?

Size matters the most for selecting the best outdoor pavilion for your Dallas, TX home. You might need an outdoor space large enough for adding lounge furniture and chairs that surround a bar. Do you want to build an outdoor kitchen? If that is your plan, you should work with the pavilion experts at Brinker Construction to ensure you have plenty of room to create delicious meals. You also have to consider the landscape of the backyard, as well as nearby structures. The key for choosing the best outdoor pavilion is to select a design that seamlessly blends in with the exterior design of your home.

The Most Popular Types of Outdoor Pavilions

Two popular types of outdoor pavilions dominate the pavilion options in central Texas: Wood and vinyl. Which material works best for your ideal outdoor entertainment structure?

Wood exudes a bucolic ambiance by creating an appearance similar to a country lodge. The inviting ambiance is perfect for hosting informal celebrations such as birthdays and graduations. Selecting wood for the design of your pavilion offers you an affordable way to increase the value of your home. The only downside of wood is the material’s vulnerability to the damp conditions that often rules the weather world in central Texas.

Vinyl pavilions withstand prolonged exposure to moisture, as well as absorb the punishment handed out by Mother Nature’s strong thunderstorms. Hail bounces off vinyl, without leaving any indications the frozen stones hit the outdoor structure. Vinyl pavilions come in white or ivory to match any decor you already have created for the backyard. All you have to do for vinyl pavilion maintenance is hose off the structure about one time per week. Dirt and grime disappear with the application of a little hot water.

Brinker Construction: Your Go to Resource for Outdoor Pavilion Designs

When you want to enhance the look and function of your backyard, turn to Brinker Construction for adding the right pavilion to your home. Our team of dedicated home services specialists offer you several pavilion design ideas that match your home improvement needs. Brinker Construction has earned the reputation for customizing pavilion designs at prices our loyal customers can afford.

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