Transform Your Dallas Home With A Custom Outdoor Patio Cover

If you have lived through a Dallas, Texas spring and summer, then you understand the fury unleashed frequently by Mother Nature. Many of the customers who choose Brinker Construction for their home services needs inquire about covering an outdoor structure, such as a patio. Our team of highly rated professionals walks our loyal customers through the patio cover buying process to prevent Mother Nature from spoiling the fun had at parties and spoiling the performance of patio materials.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Outdoor Patio Covers in Dallas, Texas

Brinker Construction ensures our valued customers consider all of the factors required to make informed decisions on buying high-quality patio covers. The first thing to consider is the type of material you want to cover the patio and the outdoor furniture arranged on the patio. Wood patio covers present a sleek appearance, while vinyl patio covers do a great job of repelling hail. The durability and ease of maintenance make aluminum patio covers popular among Dallas, TX homeowners. You also have to ask an important question: Is your patio cover permanent or temporary. The answer to the question depends on your plans for future patio enhancements, such as widening the foundation of the patio to increase its capacity. If you plan to make changes to your outdoor living space, you should consider adding a temporary patio cover.  Another factor to ponder is the size of your patio.


Type of Patio Covers for Dallas Homeowners


Aluminum is not the only option for homeowners who consider metal patio covers. Other types of metal offer the same benefits as aluminum, such as preventing insects from chewing into the material. Metal offers superior protection against the damage caused by insects that bore into wooded patio covers. Patio covers designed with are easy to assemble, as you simply snap on and off metal frames that attach to the center support. You have more size and color options by going with a metal patio cover. The team of home services experts at Brinker Construction suggests a new hybrid called Alumawood, which feels and looks like wood, but it possesses the rugged durability of metal. Alumawood comes in a wide variety of styles to complement the exterior design of your home.


Wood Patio Cover Designs

Why is wood the most popular material for designing patio covers for Dallas homeowners? When you think of wood outdoor structures, you think about the bucolic ambiance found deep within the Hill Country of Texas. Wood exudes country charm to create an inviting appearance that your neighbors notice. We recommend wood patio covers four our customers who live in wooden homes, especially homes designed with cedar. You can go with a bamboo patio cover to produce a tropical theme for the backyard or opt for rugged oak that blends in perfectly with your home. Our home services experts list all of the eco-friendly woods available for designing patio covers to give our environmental advocacy customers a way to make powerful Earth-first statements. Wood patio covers come in several shapes and sizes that allow you to match the cost of a patio cover with what you plan to spend on the home improvement accessory.


When it comes to patio covers, no other home services company offers the best solutions for Dallas, TX homeowners. If we do not have access to the material you want for the design of a patio cover, we reach out to our vast network of suppliers until we find one that carries your preferred patio cover material.


Contact Brinker Construction today to determine which type of patio cover works best for protecting your outdoor furniture.