Outdoor Living Spaces For Dallas, Texas Homeowners

Outside of a few days during winter, Dallas, TX offers the ideal the climate for entertaining guests in outdoor living spaces. Yes, summer ushers in stifling heat and humidity, but modern outdoor living spaces include options that cool down your guests, such as large built in fans to circulate air and cooling units that make your outdoor area feel like an indoor room.

Brinker Construction specializes in designing and constructing outdoor living spaces for our Dallas, Texas customers whether you’re in Uptown, Lake Highlands, Deep Ellem, Oakcliff or one of the several others. Long before we unveil our masterpieces, we spend considerable time with our loyal customers devising the right type of backyard living space, as well as choosing the contemporary furniture required to entertain small gatherings and large bashes.

Contemporary Furniture for Outdoor Living Spaces

Contemporary outdoor living space furniture possesses modest lines and a mild color range. The styles used to design contemporary outdoor furniture can bring to life a bland looking outdoor living area. Many historic preservation societies add modern furniture to outdoor living spaces to create a contrast to the clean lines produced by old fashioned architecture.

Our team of home services professionals works with customers to choose the right type of metal and/or seasonally adaptive wicker designs to enhance the appearance of your new outdoor kitchen area. Teak wood works well as a modern touch for furniture placed within your newly developed outdoor living area. Unroll a conservatively designed outdoor rug and hang a few pieces of postmodern art, and you have the toned down look you want for entertaining friends, family members, and professional colleagues.

Types of Backyard Living Spaces in Dallas, TX

What type of backyard living space do you want for your Dallas, TX home? If building a large area matters, consider installing a pergola or gazebo. We custom design pergolas to complement the open space you have in the backyard. Pergolas make beautiful additions to most outdoor properties with a square or rectangular shape the dominant designs for the outdoor living space. Gazebos always present a round appearance, which makes selecting the right type of gazebo critical for the vast majority of Dallas homeowners who own homes with four-sided backyard property lines.

Pavilions became the most popular outdoor living space during the late 1800s, as the versatile structure offers the ideal venue for hosting celebrations such as wedding receptions and family reunions. Constructed with a wood or vinyl roof, a pavilion offers protection against the wrath of Mother Nature, while leaving the sides open to usher in nature’s more gentle side. Build a deck or lay the foundation for a patio and still enjoy protection against stormy weather by purchasing a patio cover from Brinker Construction.

Is a Patio the Right Outdoor Living Space for You?

Many of the homeowners who hire Brinker Construction to create an outdoor living space opt for patios. We recommend patios for Dallas, Texas homeowners who want a short-term solution to their outdoor entertainment needs. Patios typically cost less to design and install that the cost of other types of outdoor living structures. Lay the foundation of your new patio with brick or concrete to ensure long lasting durability. Pavers allow you to customize the design of your new patio by curving and shaping individual sections of the outdoor entertainment area.

The friendly and knowledgeable customer service professionals at Brinker Construction will help you choose the right outdoor living space for your backyard. We perform a thorough analysis of the size and shape of your backyard, before we introduce ideas for an outdoor living space that increases the value of your home.

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