For nearly 30 years, Brinker Construction has earned the reputation for installing the highest quality roofs in the Dallas, Texas metroplex. Did you know we also install and maintain highly rated fences for Dallas area homeowners? Check out our online customer testimonials to see why we are the go to fencing company in central Texas.


The fence you put up to surround your home is the first feature visitors to your home see. Brinker Construction knows how to make a wood, chain-link, or aluminum fence match your fencing needs.


What to Look for in a Dallas, Texas Fence Company


Why should you choose Brinker Construction to design and install fencing around your property? Our team of experienced fencing professionals put security and privacy at the top of our fencing priority list. The fencing designs we create make it difficult for criminals to watch you while you work from home. We offer a wide variety of fencing that includes different spacing to ensure we meet your privacy criteria. If security is your main goal, Brinker Construction discusses vinyl and wooden fences with our customers. A vinyl or wooden fence that includes electric mesh embedded into the top of the fence deters criminals from intruding on your property. In addition to criminals, vinyl and wooden fences prevent wild animals from trying to make your backyard their second homes.


Many of our customers turn to us after an appraiser has marked the property perimeter. A professionally installed fence helps all property owners create visible boundaries, from farmers who own thousands of acres to urban homeowners who own a small plot of land. Boundary fencing prevents neighbors from trespassing on your legally defined land. Property fences also help you avoid costly litigation, as well as keep out troublesome next door neighbors.


Functional Types of Residential Fences


The expert team of home improvement professionals at Brinker Construction discusses other reasons to install fencing for our Dallas, Texas metroplex customers. Many of our Dallas customers have built pools in the backyard to provide respite from the stifling heat and humidity that defines central Texas summers. We offer a wide variety of pool fences that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, while exceeding every municipal safety code. An aluminum pool fence complements the design of most pools, as well as the landscaping surrounding your outdoor living space.


Ornate garden fences complement the spectacular beauty of the lush flora you have worked hard to cultivate. Install one of our garden fences and rest easy at night knowing your plants and vegetables remain out of harm’s way from the destructive appetites of nighttime foragers. Dog lovers have plenty of fencing options from Brinker Construction that ensure your best friend roams the backyard safely.


Brinker Construction Helps You Choose the Right Fence for Your Home


If you want to create a visible boundary around your property, Brinker Construction is the preferred home improvement company in Dallas, TX to meet your needs. Our team of home services experts will present multiple fencing options that ensure you enjoy 100% privacy. The nosy neighbor next door will have to find another homeowner to watch. If home security is the most important reason for you to install a fence around your property, Brinker Construction will design the ideal fence to protect you from criminals and wandering wildlife. Our Dallas, Texas home services company also installs temporary fences to provide you with short-term security and privacy solutions, while we devise a permanent fencing option for your home.


Contact Brinker Construction today to build fencing that matches your home improvement needs.