BBB Accredited Roofing Contractor In Corpus Christi, TX

Positive customer reviews have helped our licensed and bonded team of accomplished roofing contractors soar above the competition. Add customer testimonials found on our home services website, and you begin to believe in our company. However, one endorsement seals the deal for Corpus Christi, Texas homeowners.

We’re talking about the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The BBB presents accreditation only to businesses that have established years of unsurpassed excellence. For Brinker Construction, this means delivering on our promise of implementing transparent business practices, such as keeping you informed every step of the way. We also never add hidden fees in our home improvement contracts. The BBB has also awarded us with its highest rating of A+.

Corpus Christi, TX residents will not find a more highly regarded home services company operating in the Gulf Coast region than the team of roofing specialists at Brinker Construction.

Residential Roofing Experts for Corpus Christi, Texas Homeowners

We live in a part of the United States that experiences outbreaks of stormy weather. After years of enduring violent storms, you can expect your roof to display signs of wear and tear. It’s a fact of South Texas life. From wind damage to large hail impacts, Corpus Christi, Texas homeowner roofs typically need repair work performed at some point of home ownership. Our team of certified roofing veterans design and install the highest quality roofs. However, not even our top of the line roofing materials can withstand decades of the pounding delivered by Mother Nature. You can also read some more residential roofing. Watch a video of one our roofing experts laying shingles. 

On the other side of the roof damage coin are pesky rodents that like to gnaw on wood to create bedding materials. We detect signs of rodent damage early enough to prevent roofs from decaying into messes that require major restoration projects. Even better, our home services company also specializes in ridding rodents from Corpus Christi, TX homes. Prevention is 100% of the cure and by removing rodents, we cure what ails your roof.

We Exhaust All Roof Repair Options

It might look bad, but before we decide on a complete overhaul of a roof, we explore every repair option to avoid costly new roof installations. When we mention transparency, we also mean being straight forward with our clients when it comes to roof repairs. We explain the advantages and disadvantage of roofing repair, which often involves analyzing the costs and accurately predicting how much time your roof has left. Adding a new roof can enhance your home’s value and provide extra protection against the worst weather conditions. Nonetheless, our first priority is to get the most out of your current roof by conduction high quality repair work.

Meticulous Planning to Ensure Job Success

Any type of roof repair or new roof installation requires thoroughly planning. We start by meeting with you to learn more about your roofing issues. Our team of experienced roofing contractors performs a detailed inspection on top and underneath your roof. We present our findings and work out an initial plan to repair your roof or perform a major overhaul.

After the first meeting, our team brainstorms ideas on how best to address your roofing issues. After carefully considering every option, we create the best game plan that ensures you remain within your home improvement budget. During the second consultation, we present our proposal and listen to the feedback you provide our team of roofing experts. When both sides are on the same page, we draft a contract that we recommend you take enough time to read. We create clearly written contracts to prevent confusion from disrupting our professional relationship.

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