From entertaining guests to enjoying a quiet outdoor space to get away from it all, installing a custom pergola or gazebo in your backyard generates several benefits for years to come. The question is not whether to add a custom gazebo or pergola, but which Corpus Christi, Texas home services company you should hire to build the right outdoor structure for your home.

Since 1981, the experienced team of home services professionals at Brinker Construction has helped Corpus Christi, TX homeowners select the right pergolas and gazebos for their outdoor living spaces. We work with the finest materials to create structures that last as lifetime. From drawing the first sketch of a pergola to adding the final touches on a beautiful gazebo, Brinker Construction remains the best home services company to help you achieve your outdoor living space goal.

An Overview of Pergolas for Corpus Christi, Texas Homeowners

Pergolas came on the home design scene in Europe during the 1400s. Derived from the Latin name pergula that represents a projecting eave, pergolas briefly lost appeal during the 18th and 19th centuries, before making a comeback in tens of thousands of backyards within the United States. The outdoor living space has moved to the top of the list of most sought after backyard structures ordered by Corpus Christi, Texas homeowners.

The friendly team of customer service professionals at Brinker Construction describes the numerous different shapes and sizes of pergolas to our loyal customers. You can opt for a small structure that simply shades a spot in the backyard or choose a pergola that covers dozens of square feet of your property. Pergolas offer the ideal setting for a large wedding reception, as well as an intimate outdoor living space where you spend considerable time with loved ones.

Installing a Gable Pergola in Your Backyard

Brinker Construction specializes in building Gable pergolas, which possess higher roofs than other styles of outdoor living spaces. With a higher roof comes open ended exits and entrances that encourage airflow, which makes a gable pergola the perfect structure for hosting summer events in Gulf coast communities such as Corpus Christi, Texas. We cut the rafters at angles that meet in the center of a Gable pergola to form a ridge. The design of a Gable pergola allows more sunlight to enter inside of the structure to create a welcoming ambiance. We can install a Gable pergola to complement your home’s roof line, as well as create the type of open ended design that presents a contemporary look for your home.

Custom Gazebos Increase the Value of Your Home

Custom gazebos represent the other type of outdoor structure that increases the value of your home. We work with Corpus Christi, TX homeowners to decide on the right wood to use for the structural posts. With a sleek vinyl sleeve added to the wooden structural posts, you enjoy an aesthetically appeal outdoor living space, while building a foundation that weathers Gulf Coast storms. The expert team of outdoor living space installers at Brinker Construction often recommends asphalt shingles installed on top of pressure tongues and groove underlayments. Select from a wide variety of asphalt shingle color options to match the exterior decor of your home.

Turn to the home services company that has installed custom pergolas and gazebos for more than 35 years. The team of home services specialists at Brinker Construction not only offers unmatched expertise, we also deliver friendly and knowledgeable customer service for our Corpus Christi, TX customers.

Contact us today to schedule an initial appointment that gets you started on building your dream custom pergola or gazebo.