Brinker Construction has earned the reputation for designing and constructing the highest quality outdoor living spaces. We meet all of your outdoor structure needs by building pavilions to offer shade, cover for outdoor meals, and an area to entertain guests. Our team of home services professionals uses only the finest materials to ensure you enjoy a pavilion for years to come. Why should you consider installing a pavilion in the backyard?

Let us count the ways.

Why Brinker Construction Recommends Custom Outdoor Pavilions

Brinker Construction designs custom outdoor pavilions for Corpus Christi, Texas customers to provide a wide variety of benefits. Pavilions offer you a covered space to protect guests against sudden Gulf of Mexico thunderstorms. By adding a pavilion, you expand the indoor dining area, which allows you to invite more guests to celebrate an anniversary or career accomplishment. With four open sides, pavilions keep your guests comfortable by encouraging the circulation of air. If the air becomes too stifling, you can attach portable air conditioning units to the canopy and close the open ended structure by adding flaps. The pavilions we install for our Corpus Christi customers require little maintenance to keep you within your home improvement budget.

What Style Pavilion Appeals the Most to You?

One of the first questions a member of our dedicated team of home improvement experts asks our Corpus Christi, TX customers is what type of pavilion style most appeals to you. The typical pavilion design consists of four sturdy support posts attached to a canopy or other type of outdoor living space roof material.

Here are some questions to consider before choosing a pavilion styles:
Do you want a pavilion to provide shade for a garden?
Do you want a portable pavilion that you can put up and take down for special occasions?
How often will you entertain outdoors?
What is the decor of your home exterior?

The last question is especially important to Brinker Construction. We frequently encourage our customers to select a pavilion style that complements the design of their homes. For example, if your home exterior comprises mostly natural cedar, we recommend designing a custom outdoor pavilion out of cedar wood. Many of our Corpus Christi, TX customers opt for rustic looking pavilions to present a laid back ambiance.

Hiring the Right Contractor for Your Corpus Christi, Texas Homes

Know what you want out of a pavilion before you contact home services contractors to receive cost estimates. Network with friends, family members, and professional peers who have hired a contractor to install an outdoor living space. Your neighbors also offer valuable insight into which company is the best home improvement contractor in Corpus Christi, Texas. Conduct interviews with at least three contractors and make sure Brinker Construction is part of the list of finalists. One of the most accurate signs that you have contacted a first rate contractor is if the contractor says the company is too busy to start right away.

Make sure to consider only Corpus Christi home improvement contractors that employ licensed and bonded professionals. Read online reviews to determine the quality of products and services offered by local home services contractors. Sites such as Yelp and Google provide valuable information that helps you make a decision. Check out the rating handed out by the Better business Bureau (BBB). Anything less than an A+ is a red flag.

After the dust settles, many Corpus Christi, Texas residents turn to Brinker Construction to handle their pavilion installation projects. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation to determine the best pavilion for your home.