You bought a home in Corpus Christi, TX and you have enjoyed living in it for several years. When you purchased the property, the front and back yards did not include any type of fencing. At the time, you did not have any concerns about unwanted intruders and you had not yet started a family.

My, the times have changed.

You now have a growing family and because of rapid residential development, critters that once lived in peace with nature have literally come out of the woodwork.

The time has come to add fencing to your property and Brinker Construction will help you get the job done right and under budget. For more than 35 years, our Corpus Christi, Texas home services company has led the way in designing customized fencing form area homeowners. From vinyl fencing that endures the worst weather to electric fences that enhance safety, we know which type of fencing is best for your property.

What Type of Fence Works Best for Your Corpus Christi, TX Home?

Not all fences are created equal because every homeowner has unique needs. Aluminum represents one of the most popular types of fencing in Corpus Christi, TX, as the rugged metal resists the rust and corrosion caused by prolonged exposure to saltwater. However, the type of fence you decide to install for the front and/or backyard depends on why you want fencing. Do you want to prevent uninvited furry creatures from entering your property? If you answered yes, then you want wooden fencing that leaves no spaces between the panels. Wooden fences such as pine and cedar do a great job of keeping out large rodents. Your primary reason for installing a fence might be to keep children and pets from satisfying the natural drive to satisfy their curiosities.

Chain Link Fences Offer Several Advantages

The licensed and bonded home services professionals at Brinker Construction work with many Corpus Christi, Texas homeowners who opt to install chain link fencing. Chain link fences do not create private outdoor living spaces, but if privacy is not important to you, the easy to install fences offer several advantages. The affordable fencing does not require much maintenance. Highly durable aluminum chain link fencing withstands the frequent thunderstorms that pop up in the Gulf of Mexico and move inland over Corpus Christi, TX. Brinker Construction recommends that our customers add chain link fences that include small gaps to ensure wild animals remain in their natural habitats. You can plant shrubs, bushes, and flowers next to chain link fencing to create some privacy.

Install the Best Fence for Your Yard

Since 1981, the team of home services experts at Brinker Construction has helped Corpus Christi, Texas homeowners install the right fences for their homes. If fence maintenance takes too much of your time, you should stay away from any type of wooden fencing. However, if curb appeal matters, then adding a beautiful wooden fence will make your home more aesthetically appealing, which also increases the value of your property. You have to consider the impact Gulf storms will have on any type of fencing you select for your Corpus Christi, Texas home. The bottom line is to choose the best fence for your property, not the most popular type of fencing set up by your neighbors.

Make Brinker Construction your go to company for installing a fence that meets your home improvement criteria. Read the glowing online reviews we receive to see why our team of fencing specialists is the right home improvement team for your fencing job.

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