Setting the Roof Repair Standard for Carrollton, Texas Homeowners

Every business niche has a leader that sets the quality standard for every other company to follow. For local roofers, Brinker Construction has not only set the roofing standard in Carrollton, TX, our roofing contractors have raised the performance bar by helping homeowners repair roofs and install new roofs.

The roof represents the most important feature of your home. When the roof begins to show signs of wear and tear, the diminished quality decreases the value of your home. By making roof repairs or installing a new roof, you receive a nice return on your home improvement investment. For more than 35 years, our team of licensed and bonded roofing contractors has delivered superior work that our Carrollton, Texas customers enjoy for years to come. Whether you need to fix a leaky roof or replace asphalt shingles that have fallen into disrepair, go with the roofing company that receives accolades throughout the Dallas metroplex.

Go with Brinker Construction.

What Causes Roof Repair Issues?

It happens several times during the year. A super cell thunderstorm comes crashing into the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and it leaves behind a path of destruction that makes the local news. Some of the damage caused by powerful storms happens to commercial and residential roofs. Strong winds tear off cedar shakes and solar tiles. Hail the size of softballs creates large holes in roofs across the region, which requires our roofing company to make efficient roof leak repairs.

Weather is not the only culprit when it comes to roof damage. Large trees that fall into homes can cause enough damage for our team of roofing experts to recommend a complete roof replacement. Father time also contributes to roofs that need repairs. Rodents and larger wild animals like raccoons can turn a healthy roof into a roof weakened by clawed eaves and chewed wooden support beams.

Commercial Roofing Experts in Carrollton, TX

Our roofing company understands small businesses operate on extremely tight budgets. There is simply not enough cash on hand to purchase a new roof to replace a roof damaged by a mega storm. We recommend new roofs as a last resort for both commercial and residential structures. If we can get one more year out of a roof, we perform the necessary repairs to ensure 12 months pass before we conduct another inspection. Commercial roofs typically do not produce the same aesthetic appeal presented by residential roofs. We are more concerned about designing new commercial roofs that comply with code, as well as fit around HVAC and other types of business equipment. Our team of roofing specialists receives continuous training that includes performing an accurate roofing system analysis and operating an infrared thermal imaging machine to detect leaking roofs. Brinker Construction offers the most comprehensive commercial roofing services in Carrolton, TX.

Emergency Leaking Roof Services

Small businesses cannot afford to shut down operations because of a roof leak. Even if a leaking roof does not force a business to close, just the appearance of rook leaks lowers the standing a small business has in the community. We know about the sense of urgency required to make roof repairs after a storm blows through. Small businesses need to operate with the same sense of urgency to fix leaking roofs. Brinker Construction offers 24 hours per day emergency commercial roofing services for Carrollton, Texas businesses. While other roofing contractors sleep, our team of local roofers is just a phone call away to solve your roofing issues.

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