Add a Freestanding Pergola to Your Carrollton, Texas Home

Since 1981, the licensed and bonded team of home services professionals at Brinker Construction has helped Carrollton, TX residents install custom designed pergolas. Our highly rated construction company receives rave reviews online from customers that have made us their go to home services contractor since 1981. Digital word of mouth advertising has spread to our website where customers leave positive feedback about their experiences working with Brinker Construction.

“Working with Brinker Construction was a pleasure. They were prompt, professional, and I felt like I was a top priority. We are satisfied clients and would highly recommend Brinker Construction for any home services need.”

Our commitment to completing quality projects has allowed us to thrive in the Carrollton, Texas market. You probably know someone that has hired Brinker Construction to perform a home improvement project. Word of mouth advertising still involves asking friends, neighbors, and family members about referrals for the design and installation of a beautiful customer pergola.

Work Pergola Angles to Your Visual Advantage

Pergolas represent outdoor living structures designed with cross rafters and no walls to create an inviting area to dine, entertain, or just hang out. Designing and installing a custom pergola requires the expertise of a team of specialists that know how to angle the backyard structure to minimize or maximize sunlight. You can request we use lattice to produce more shade to encourage the growth of climbing vines.

We also widen the angles of a custom pergola to increase the amount of sunlight shining on plants hanging from the cross rafters. Pergolas offer the advantage over an ordinary patio roof of allowing you to decide how much sun and shade a custom pergola provides. We take into account the position of a custom pergola in regards to different sun angles throughout the day. The amount of sunlight entering inside a pergola goes a long way towards determining the ambiance of a wedding reception or family reunion.

Best Features of Custom Pergolas

One of the most important responsibilities we have is to suggest the right features for your new custom designed pergola. We have worked with Carrollton, TX homeowners that have requested the addition of storm flaps. You roll storm flaps up until you need protection against wind, rain, and snow. Another feature to consider is to attach a lighting system to the cross rafters to create an airy and inviting ambiance at night. Hanging plants and well-lit tikis represent other decorative ways to get the most value out of a custom pergola. We install both connecting and freestanding pergolas, depending on the reason you want to install the outdoor living space. Our team can do much more with a freestanding pergola by adding features that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the backyard structure.

Free Inspection for Your Carrollton, TX Home

Brinker Construction offers a free home inspection to help Carrollton, Texas homeowners decide if a custom pergola is the best outdoor structure for the backyard. We review every other option that includes the design and installation of a custom gazebo or patio cover. Our team of home services specialists want what is best for your home, even if that means moving away from the idea of adding a pergola and moving towards going with an outdoor pavilion. You can also install a patio cover for the deck and still enjoy the many benefits offered by a pergola you position near a creek that runs through the backyard.

Call our office or complete the online form today to schedule a free inspection for your Carrollton, TX home.