Adding Outdoor Living Spaces In Arlington, Texas

For more than 35 years, Brinker Construction has led the way in Arlington, TX for designing and installing custom outdoor living spaces. Our team of dedicated home services professionals works with clients to create unique ways to increase home values. What would you rather have on your property: A standard swing set or a beautifully designed custom outdoor gazebo?

We know the answer to that question.

Our team of licensed and bonded home improvement experts works closely with Arlington, Texas homeowners to design and install unique outdoor living spaces. The proof of our sterling reputation is the numerous positive reviews we receive online. Yelp and Google customer reviews demonstrate our long standing commitment to offering the best products and the friendliest customer service. After you read the positive feedback left on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) web page, you should know the answer to the question “Which Arlington, TX home services contractor is the best choice for designing and installing custom outdoor living spaces.”

Choices for Outdoor Living Spaces

Brinker Construction customers have several options for adding outdoor living spaces. You can opt for a stylish pergola that improves your home’s curb appeal or purchase an outdoor kitchen to expand your culinary options. An open ended pavilion encourages the circulation of air to make classic stifling Dallas area summer days much more bearable. Install a gazebo to protect your garden from the wrath of Mother Nature. The options for creating an outdoor living space for your Arlington, Texas home are almost endless.

After our team of home services experts helps you decide on the type of outdoor living space for your home, we work closely with you to customize your home improvement project. You might want to attach flaps on a pavilion to protect your guests from wind and rain. We help Arlington, TX homeowners turn outdoor living spaces into year round entertainment venues by connecting portable heaters and air conditioners to account for extreme temperature swings. If you want a square or rectangular outdoor living structure, then installing a pergola is the right choice for your home. Custom outdoor gazebos are always created in oval or round shapes.

How to Furnish Outdoor Living Spaces in Arlington, TX

Now that you decided on the style of your new outdoor living structure, the next step involves selecting the right furniture. Brinker Construction helps our customers by recommending outdoor furniture that offers both aesthetic and functional benefits. Contemporary outdoor furniture presents an elegant appearance by displaying clean lines and seamlessly blended color schemes. French and Spanish artists create Mediterranean style outdoor furniture that depicts images of life at sea. Place pillows and cushions on an elegantly designed sofa to enhance the appearance of your newly installed patio cover. Outdoor furniture influenced by Asian artisans complements the oriental designs of pergolas and gazebos.

Why Brinker Construction Recommends Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces increase the property values for Arlington, Texas homeowners. An outdoor living structure increases the square footage of your home by extending the kitchen, dining room, or living room outdoors. We recommend outdoor living spaces to protect your guests from poor weather conditions, including wind from a summer thunderstorm and ice delivered by a blast from Old Man Winter. Outdoor living spaces allow you to entertain guests every month of the year in central Texas.

Since 1981, our team of talented home services specialists at Brinker Construction has helped homeowners across the Dallas metroplex choose the right outdoor living spaces. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to determine how one of our outdoor living spaces can make your home the talk of the neighborhood.