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Our mission statement says it all:

“Brinker Construction is dedicated to building successful relationships with our clients by delivering the highest quality restoration projects possible.”

Our team of licensed and bonded home services professionals has set the quality standard for fencing projects in Arlington, Texas. In fact, we have set the standard for delivering the best home services in the Dallas metroplex since 1981. Our commitment to you extends well beyond designing and installing the fence of your dreams. We also care about our customers, which is why we have established emergency service 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

While other Dallas metroplex home services contractors close up for the day at dinner time, Brinker Construction is ready to respond to any home services emergency.

Brinker Construction: Common Types of Fences

When we sit down with our friends in Arlington, TX, we first talk about the pros and cons of the different types of fencing materials. Although considered an attractive addition to your home, an aluminum fence does not fare well against classic central Texas thunderstorms. The metal is not as strong as many homeowners believe, which makes it relatively easy for thieves to cut through and gain access to your property. Wood-especially pine and cedar-represents the most popular type of fence in the United States. Wood fencing creates a charming country appearance that warmly welcomes guests who visit your Arlington, Texas home. However, designing and installing a wood fence can put a significant dent in your home improvement budget.

Homeowners who want a low maintenance and highly durable type of fence should consider PVC fencing. Considered the least expensive way to add a fence, PVC is easy to clean and by connecting the material to wooden stakes, you produce a strong barrier surrounding your home. PVC fencing resists hail and moisture damage to offer years of high performance use. Wrought iron fences enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, as well as bolster security by deterring thieves from entering your property.

Why Arlington, Texas Homeowners Should Install Fencing

Every type of fencing boosts the value of your home. Ask the fencing experts at Brinker Construction about which material increases your home value the most. Many Arlington, TX homeowners install fences to prevent unwanted intrusions not only by criminals, but also wild animals that can cause damage to your lawn and home. A privacy fence prevents nosy neighbors from dropping in uninvited from a kitchen or bedroom window. Families with young children and pets should consider hiring Brinker Construction to design and build a wooden fence that does not include any spaces between the boards.

Brinker Construction Reminds Customers about Fence Restrictions

Brinker Construction reminds our Arlington, Texas customers that before they commit to fencing for their homes, they should check with the homeowners association (HOA) to ensure the fence we propose to design and install meets HOA standards. Some of the standards to consider include type of material and the height of the fence. You should also check with city hall to comply with every housing code involving fences. If you fail to check the legality and HOA rules for fencing, you might end up paying for a fence you have to take down.

The home services specialists at Brinker Construction walks you through a two-step process to help you decide on the best fence for your property. At the initial meeting, we learn the criteria you have for building a fence. After getting your information, we brainstorm ideas for a few days, before calling you to schedule a second consultation. During the second consultation, we finalize every detail of the project, from presenting a budget to setting a deadline for completing the project.

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